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Closing the Sale: Don’t say “goodbye” until after the event

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As a wedding photographer, I understand the heroic effort we put into photographing a wedding.  From the sales consultation to the 12-14 hour day of the event, to the countless hours adjusting files to make them look great, it’s hard to feel like we’re ever fairly compensated for what we do. Yet despite all that effort, far too many photographers leave money on the table when they “deliver” their finished product by emailing a link to an online gallery and dropping a disk in the mail. You’re not at the finish line yet.  Don’t trade the convenience of an email for some valuable face time with your client. Schedule an appointment with them if possible and properly close the sale. If your client purchased an album, this meeting is an opportunity to increase sales. By the time their wedding is over, your client won’t remember what they purchased when you were hired.  Meeting with your clients face to face allows you to review what was purchased and discuss all of the upgrades and parent albums that are available for them. Did they only get a wraparound cover but their wedding color was red? Bring your swatches and show them how great the photo from the park will look with a Red Leather Spine cover. Was mom a huge part of the day but your client didn’t get a parent album? What a perfect time to suggest adding a replica book for mom. If you are using Zookbinders Selection Service you can explain what to do when they receive the link to their site. When they leave the meeting your clients will have a much better understanding of what comes next. If all they bought was a disc, this is a great time to show sample albums. You can use key moments from their day as sales tool to sell a custom photo album. Mentioning how great that full bridal party shot would look as a panoramic will help personalize the idea of an album. Your bride and groom are still emotionally vested in their wedding and will enjoy reliving their day. You can play on those emotions by having them remember their day in a custom photo album. Make sure that the personal connection you worked so hard on continues after the wedding day.  You will increase your sales and generate more referrals by leaving your clients feeling like you were truly with them every step of the way. 

Tori Hionis

Tori Hionis

My favorite things are creating art and making memories. This passion has lead me to wear many hats over 8 years at Zookbinders, all of which center around helping our photographers grow their business. I’ve been a photographer for 15 years and love spending every day looking at beautiful images from photographers, like you.

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