Since the early days of digital photography, the number of brides purchasing an album from their photographer has decreased every year. Many photographers who swore they would never offer a “Shoot & Burn” service, felt compelled to do so or else risk pricing themselves out of the market. We’ve watched our sales drop every year since 2008 in direct proportion to the rise of “shoot & burn” photography.

The good news is that we’re on the verge of a tipping point in favor of brides wanting albums again (woo hoo!). Here’s what we’re seeing:

1 – Photographers that have only offered “shoot & burn” are calling us in record numbers asking for help as they’ve never ordered a wedding album before.

2 – Photographers that were selling wedding albums to less than half of their clients are now getting asked by more than half of their clients for an album.

3 – Photographers that have always sold albums… are selling bigger albums.

This is great news for an industry that has been plagued by “all I want is my files”. Here’s my take on why we’re seeing the sudden shift:

1 – Every bride has a sister or a best friend who went the “shoot & burn” route, decided later on that they wanted an album and got frustrated by trying to do it themselves online.

2 – Photographers now have better options for designing the albums including tools to help pre-select the best photos, so it’s easier and less costly today to order an album than it was a few years ago.

3 – Because it’s less costly to produce an album, photographers no longer have to charge a 3-4X markup for an album, and can make a decent profit on a 2-2.5X margin.

If you have any thoughts or insight as to why brides want albums again, please share.

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