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Ask for the Sale

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So you just wrapped up a great wedding consultation with a sweet couple who came to you on a referral. They’re planning a fairly big wedding next spring. They seem to have a reasonable budget and best of all, photography is important to them. They seemed excited by everything they saw and heard. They didn’t wince at your prices and in fact they seemed to be leaning toward your larger Diamond package. You let them know that when they’re ready to lock up the date, you can get a contract out to them right away. You sent them on their way with a hug, confident they’d be back in touch in the next day or two.

Two days turns into a week, and then another week goes by and you’ve heard nothing from the couple. You start replaying the pitch over in your head wondering where you might have gone wrong. Were you too pushy with the Diamond package? Should you maybe have offered them a discount? Maybe they just didn’t need two photographers after all. You’re tempted to call them, but you don’t want to come off all salesy…

wedding, Ask for the Sale, Zookbinders

Sound familiar? As a right-brained, creative type with a passion for crafting beautiful imagery and (probably) an equal disdain for things like accounting and sales, chances are you’ve convinced yourself that you’re just no good at selling based on experiences like this. However, did you ASK for the sale?

Sounds obvious, right? “Of course I always ask them if they want to book!” But do you? Do words like “will you entrust me with your wedding by booking with me today?” or “If you two are clear on everything, will you sign with me tonight?” ever leave your lips? Believe it or not if the answer is no you are not alone–even among those of us who have a career in sales.   

Be ready to ask for the sale on your next consultation by jotting down some solid closing questions. Practice saying them out loud until it feels comfortable. Then remember to keep our mouth closed and your ears open for everything your prospect says after that. You’ll book more work and be on your way to being as good at sales as you are at photography.

wedding, Ask for the Sale, Zookbinders


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