Zookbinders Selection Service

How It Works Many brides need help choosing their wedding photos.  Which is why we offer a service to do it for them.Brides should have their professional wedding album within 3 months of their event, and our Selection Service is the key to making this a reality.

We choose the photos recommended for their custom wedding album – this gives them a jump-start – then they can  add or delete photos they want or don’t want in their wedding album.

Start by uploading all images from an event.   Tell us how many images to pre-select for their album (based on their contract). To better leverage this service to upsell more photos (and sell bigger wedding albums), you can allow your clients to add more photos while letting them see how much you charge. We recommend allowing us to choose 20 additional images to encourage upsells.

Once we’ve made the selections and built the selection tool, we’ll pass the order back to you within 3 to 5 business days, so you can personalize the page with your logo and contact info.

Next, you’ll forward a link to your client that will give access to the selection tool. We will notify you via email when your client has finished and approved their selections. You can proceed directly to wedding album design, or download the selected images to begin your own wedding album design.

3 Great Benefits

   Orders get started in days, not months.
   Sell more photos, make more money.
   Clients get an A+ customer experience.


   ONLY $3 with Design, Print & Bind
   ONLY $3 with Print & Bind Only.

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How we help photographers accelerate their business

  • Add more images: Our Selection Service makes it easier for your clients to choose their photos and add images to their professional wedding albums.
  • Your clients start their albums faster: The sooner they start their album, the more likely they are to add more upgrades.
  • Integrates with Album Design: All Zookbinders services are built on the same platform saving time for both you and your client.

Note: Zookbinders will store your uploaded images through our Selection Service up to 90 days from the day that we receive approval of your Selection order.

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