Working with the Pinterest Bride

pinterest-wedding As wedding photographers, we face many obstacles:  the uncle who stands in the aisle with his Canon Powershot in the middle of the first kiss, and our mutual friend and foe of creativity: Pinterest. During a consultation, I’m always

Printing photos and lessons of forgotten digital photos

Blog Image - Printed Photos I’ve been a relentless advocate for the printed photo and the importance of putting them in albums since the first day of digital photography. I’ll respectfully challenge anyone who believes that handing over digital files

New to Selling Albums? Here’s How to Get Started

Professional Photo Album Company Ok so you’ve decided to sell Albums and you’re not sure where to start. We can help! First you’ll need a sample album to show prospective clients, as you can’t sell what you don’t show.  We discount

Free Album Replacement in a Natural Disaster

Blog Image - When A National Disaster Strikes When a natural disaster strikes and a home has to be abandoned, the first 3 things a family takes are: 1) their children and family members 2) their pets 3) their photo

Beware of Becoming a Commodity

Blog Image - Commodity Many photographers I work with tell me that price is the number one concern raised by prospective clients.  While price is always important, the key to getting hired is solving a problem (“I need a wedding photographer