Some of the major browsers including Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari are set to disable Flash content in their most recent updates in order to reduce the amount of your computer’s RAM those browsers will consume and allow users to experience faster page loads. This includes any flash content on any site around the web including the image upload plugin in the zookie pro ordering system. However users may still allow the browser to play Flash on sites they trust and visit frequently, or where they need access to tools such as our uploader by adjusting settings within the browser preferences.

For Chrome you can do this by clicking the three dot button to the right of the address bar in any browser window and follow the series of screenshots below, or visit Google’s help page on the subject found here.

Content Settings
Allow sites
Copy URL
Past URL here

For Safari, follow the steps below or the set of directions found here.

  1. Log in to your zookie pro account and advance any order (even a test order) to the upload page.
  2. From the Safari menu choose Preferences
  3. Choose the Security tab then click on Plug-in Settings
  4. Be sure the box next to Adobe Flash Player is checked
  5. Your Zookie pro page should be shown as one of the options
  6. Select “alway allow” from the drop down menu next to the zookie pro page.
  7. At the bottom right click Done
  8. Return to your zookie pro tab and refresh the page. The uploader should now appear.
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