Zookbinders has recently created customizable wedding album brochure which can be found on out new  S.M.A.R.T (Sales Marketing Album Resource Toolkit)  page on our website. It has been VERY popular with photographers who are looking for help with sales and marketing for professional wedding albums. We’ve created a turnkey program that can be implemented in minutes! Our goal is to make offering professional wedding albums to your clients easy. 

 On the S.M.A.R.T page we have email scripts, video tutorials, business related blogs and links to valuable cost of goods calculators. The real star of this new project is the wedding albums brochure. This marketing piece is ready to be shared with clients, however it can be easily edited. 

The Wedding Album Brochure 

Our number one reason for creating a customizable sales brochure was to help photographers generate income NOW. You can keep the brochure as it is, or add copy and images. Let’s take a look at the contents.


Why do you need a wedding album? 

Before jumping into options and pricing, we wanted to share the real value of having a professional wedding album. We’ve included some copy to help illustrate that point. You can use this as page one of your wedding album brochure, send it out in an email, or post it on social media. Want to make a few quick changes? It’s easy! We offer downloadable PSDs that can opened in Photoshop to create a more customized document. You can add personalization like your studio name, logo and contact info.  

Why do you need an Album

Our new album brochure is a great tool! Use it to boost sales and market your professional wedding albums.


Why do you need an Album EDITED

The wedding album brochure is ready to send or you can edit the copy to make it more personalized.

Handcrafted to Last a Lifetime 

This section of the wedding album brochure talks about some of the different features of the album. We have some great images of the Lustre Book. (In this example we have renamed the Lustre Book the Essential Album.) This page is ready to go, or you can add some of your own images and update colors and fonts to coordinate with your brand


This section of the sales & marketing brochure has great images showing the Lustre Book details.


Handcrafted EDITED

You can edit this page and add your images of your own samples.

 Choosing the Size  

This part of the brochure features the three sizes that Zookbinders offers in a main album. It’s helpful to show clients a few simple options to choose from. The image is a great visual for size comparison. This section of the is ready to go, or you can customize it by showing pricing and what is included. Offering a good, better, best comparison is a great technique for sales. 

Choose Your Size

Easily show the different sizes available for the Lustre Book

CHoose Your Size EDITED

It’s easy to add a few details and pricing to the size comparisons to the wedding album brochure.

Choosing a Cover 

This page has a lot of fun information. Here clients can see different cover types and cover materials. There are so many great great combinations for a  unique wedding album. We’ve included all the options for the Lustre Book. However, if you want to create a more targeted offering, limit the number of choices and add your own images. 

Choose Your Cover

There’s a lot of great info about the album cover options in this section of the sales and marketing brochure.


Choose Your Cover EDITED

You can customize this page to show just the products you want to offer.


Sales and marketing for professional wedding albums can bring in additional revenue. Having a  wedding album brochure is a huge asset! Creating marketing materials from scratch can be an investment of time you might not be able to afford.  Zookbinders has done work for you! Now you have a perfect promotional piece, conversation starter, and sales tool for album clients old and new.