In an effort to maintain the high standards pro photographers demand, and simplify our product line, Zookbinders will transition to an all photographic product line. The last day to order a PhotoBook / PhotoBook Plus will be 7-29-2017.

What products are affected? Press printed PhotoBook and PhotoBook Plus only. There will be no changes to Lustre Book, Zook Book, Matted Albums or Bon a Vie.

Why is this happening? Press printed albums became popular with the economic downturn of 2008 as a lower cost alternative to more expensive albums. However with the lower price tag came a sacrifice in print quality. By their very nature, press printed products are unable to hold subtle detail in both dark tones and bright highlights. Additionally, we’ve found that our photographic album products printed on Kodak Endura paper are more consistent in color quality and saturation. In 2012 Zookbinders launched a “hybrid” of sorts with the Lustre Book. While printed on the same photographic paper in the same lab as Zook Book, thinner, ungilded pages with options for Wraparound covers keep the cost very close to the press books. As more and more pros have migrated to the better Lustre Books, the time has come to completely retire our digital presses and simplify our product line.

What are my options? Lustre Books are very much like PhotoBook and PhotoBook Plus in that they have the exact same cover options, same page thickness and the same packaging. For the majority of PhotoBook customers who order our satin page finish, the Lustre Book is the perfect option with better print quality, and includes a protective UV Coating. Our glossy PhotoBook customers will be pleased to know that we will offer the same glossy UV coating as an option for Lustre Books for a nearly identical finish. The matte page finish had always been the least popular press finish and will therefore be discontinued entirely. For those who rely on matte finish press books for sign-in books, we will offer a new un-coated version of our Lustre Book that performs better with the smudge-proof pens we’ve always provided with sign-in books.


What about price? While it’s true that the press products are less expensive than Lustre, the gap has narrowed after successive years of price increases on Press Products while Lustre Book prices have remained virtually unchanged for five years. The base price of a 10×10 Lustre Book is now only $10 more than a 10×10 PhotoBook Plus for a better product. To further  insulate photographers from the mid-season changes, we will continue to offer PhotoBook / PhotoBook Plus pricing through the end of 2017 to those customers with a history of ordering those albums.

How do I order? Customers who have been primarily PhotoBook / PhotoBook Plus customers will continue to see these products offered in the ordering system so that we can maintain their pricing. However, after 7/29/2017 all product will be made as Lustre Books and the matte page option will no longer be available. At the end of 2017 these products will be removed entirely from the ordering system as we complete the changeover.


Dates to remember:  7-29-17 will be the last day to order a PhotoBook / PhotoBook Plus.

Anything else? Customers who order rectangular sizes in ROES will notice some of the seldom ordered PhotoBook sizes (listed below) will also be removed.In addition, some sizes previously only available as PhotoBooks will be discontinued including:

    • 2:3 aspect ratio (ROES ordering)
      • 7×10.5 Vertical
      • Single 9×6 Horizontal
      • Single 6×9 Vertical
      • (3) 6×4 Pkg Horizontal


    • 3:4 aspect ratio (ROES ordering)
      • Single 8×6 Horizontal
      • Single 6×8 Vertical
      • (1) 6×8 & (1) 3×4 Pkg
      • (3) 5.3×4 Pkg Horizontal
      • (1) 8×6 & (1) 5.3×4 Pkg Horizontal
      • (3) 3×4 Pkg Vertical

At Zookbinders, we remain committed to making the highest quality products.  Rework due to print quality has historically been highest with press products, and we are confident that this change will not only improve quality, but eliminate confusion between our product lines. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the change.

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