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Did you get into photography to create beautiful images or did you pick up a camera hoping that one day you’d be sitting on your behind in front of a screen for hours on end?

If your face is currently aglow from the dim light of your monitor, you’re wearing “activewear” that you slept in, there’s a kink in your neck, you haven’t seen another human in days, this blog is  for you. When talking with professional photographers about their pain points the biggest time suck across the board is culling and editing. Love it or hate it, Lightroom is the new dark room and editing has become the sloth crossing the road in a photographer’s workflow. Unclogging the bottleneck created by culling and editing is very easily done by outsourcing these tasks.

Zookbinders Editing and Culling

Zookbinders now offers culling and editing services. Using Lighroom Smart Previews you can very easily share small versions of RAW files with our editors. The editors make adjustments based on your preferences and general editing standards. You’re welcome to submit your own presets as well. Additional options like vignetting, cropping and straightening, and creative filters are also available. Once your project is complete the smart previews will be returned to you and you can apply the settings to the full size RAW images. So, it’s a no-brainer, Zookbinders is the one-stop shop from shoot to album. Need some convincing? Read on.

Doing your own editing doesn’t increase the value of your work.  Jennifer is a professional photographer and delivers edited images to her clients three weeks after their wedding and charges $XX. If Jim down the street takes 2 months to deliver he doesn’t get to charge $XXXX  because it took longer. It not like the wedding is over and the meter keeps running. Your customer has hired you to photographer their wedding and everything else you do behind the scenes is a mystery. They expect to get their gallery fast and they want to believe all their images are all straight out of camera gorgeous, so make that your delivery goal.

Paying for editing services is an investment in your time. We pay for expediting all the time. Say there’s a product or service that experiences a backup or slow down that’s unavoidable. Take for example shipping across country via ground transport. Trucks can only go so fast. The only workaround this is an alternative mode of transportation. Put that package on a plane and it’s there two days rather than five.  Yes it costs more – but it satisfies a need, keeps people happy and frees up time.

Zookbinders Editing and Culling

Let it go. For some photographers, the thought of another entity touching their RAW unedited images is like asking them to walk into traffic blindfolded. Let’s be real here. Basic editing and culling are kind of no-brainers. Some images are better than others, some are garbage. Some images need to be lighter, darker, richer and sharper… the end. It’s overwhelming for a  bride to look through 1000 images so it’s doubly that for a photographer to go through 3000. Analysis paralysis – it’s not just for your customers. Being connected to your work and having to analyze its worth, its flaws, its beauty, its opportunity to be better – is all sorts of thinking that, to be honest, no one cares about except you.

Do the math. So, is it worth the money and your time to outsource your editing? At 15 cents and image, Zookbinders editing is a great price, and during our launch it’s 30% off. Go ahead and count up the number of hours you spend culling and editing your wedding images. Multiply that by what you believe you should be paid per hour. What does that answer look like? Right now hopefully you’re fantasizing about what you’d do with all that extra time. You could take on more clients, do more engagement sessions, attend more networking events, or spend more time with your family and friends. Time is money and you can’t make more time.

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