With exciting wedding dates like “10.10.2020”, and “6.6.2020”, the coming year is going to be a banner year for wedding photographers!  The New Year brings with it a price freeze on our most popular albums and a more enticing menu of services to join the trend of outsourcing your “digital work”.  In addition to providing the best quality albums, our secondary goal is to free up Pro Photographers to spend more time “shooting and selling”, by being your one-stop shop for all things Post Production. Here’s what’s new in 2020 for Zookbinders!

Introducing Zook Website Design Services

Image is everything and that’s especially true for prospective clients searching for Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers.  If your website hasn’t been updated in a few years…we can help.   We have a team of talented professional website designers who know how to build a site that presents your work creatively.   Zookbinders can help with a new look, a new logo, or a complete overhaul. Here’s a site we recently overhauled for a busy Chicagoland Pro Photography Studio  www.nshorephoto.com. For more info click here

North Shore Site

New Options for Outsourcing Photo and Video Editing

Last year we launched an Editing and Culling service for Professional Photographers – it has since evolved into many more ways we can help:

Photo Editing Video Editing
Hire a Dedicated Editor – if you have enough work for a full time photo editor, we can provide the same editor to edit ALL of your jobs. Best of all, you get to train them YOUR WAY. Pricing starts at just $9.00/hour. Click here to learn more.

Share An Editor – do you only have enough work for a part-time editor? We offer a “shared plan” whereby 2 companies can share a dedicated editor. Click here to learn more.

What Else Can My Editor Do?
Most photographers that have hired a dedicated editor also have them help with album design and other administrative tasks to take work off your plate. I’m interested in learning more.

Pay Per Job – we started beta testing Photo Editing in 2019 and have taken off our training wheels! Let’s schedule a consultation so we can learn more about your editing needs. Let’s talk.

Pay Per Job – Zookbinders has been editing videos for the past 2+ years. We can do anything from 1 minute trailers and 5-7 minute highlights to full length documentaries. Click to learn more.

3 Reasons To Considering Outsourcing Video Editing:
1 – your videographer(s) are too busy shooting to edit your jobs on time
2 – you’re looking for a more updated, modern edit
3 – you’re looking to reduce costs
Click here to learn more.

Hire a Dedicated Editor – if you shoot 40+ events, we can provide the same editor to edit ALL of your jobs. Pricing starts at just $9.00/hour.
Click here to learn more.

Join our Private Facebook Group

Invest In Your Photography

Zookbinders new Facebook group is only for professional photographers! Share and discuss business practices, client education, product insights, sales strategies, and general industry knowledge.


To help make room for newer features and products in the future, we’ll be saying goodbye to the following products and services

Matted Albums
Zookbinders | Matted Albums
Last day to order is 3-31-20
The Matted Album was our signature album from 1995 – 2005. At peak we made 100+ per day! A testament to the “Change or Die” mantra of business ☹
Rectangular Albums for Zook Book and Lustre Book
Zookbinders | Rectangular Albums for Zook Book and Lustre Book
Last day to order is 3-31-20. However, we have a solution to provide these albums for you. Click here to learn more.
ROES Ordering System
With the retirement of our Matted and Rectangular Albums, all orders will be placed through our Zookie Pro ordering system.
Slip Cases and Custom Boxes for Bon a Vie
Zookbinders | Slip Cases and Custom Boxes for Bon a Vie
Sadly, the volume has plummeted on both items, and it’s no longer feasible to offer them ☹
Our 800 number

Zookbinders | Our 800 number

Since 90% of all calls come in from mobile phones, it seems silly to continue to make a monthly donation to our phone carrier ?.

Call us at: 847-272-5745.

Phone Number Trivia: Our 800 number was created based on the most popular photo sizes of the pre-digital era: 800-810-5745 (8×10 – 5×7 – 4×5)

Pricing Changes in 2020

Zook Book
Zookbinders | Zook Book
No Price Increase!
The only change was the surcharge for “Split Panos” increased from $25 to $35.
Lustre Book
Zookbinders | Lustre Book
No Price Increase for Main Albums and Parent Albums!
Bon a Vie
Zookbinders | Bon a Vie
Pricing increased 4%
EZ Book
Zookbinders | EZ Book
Pricing increased 7%, but still an incredible value!
Album Design

Zookbinders | Album Design Contempo

Pricing increased $5 per design, and $.05 per image for Contempo style only.

Zookbinders | Selection

Pricing increased from $10 to $12 per event.
This service helps increase the # of photos in each album. The average upsell is $75-$100 –Take a Test Drive

Zookbinders | Shipping

No Price Increase!

Thank You!

2020 will be our 25th year in business and to celebrate our Silver Anniversary, all albums will be printed on Silver Halide Paper ?.  There are photographers that we’ve been working with since 1995, when we didn’t have a website, email addresses, or an ordering system and literally made all parts of the albums by hand!    We have a LOT of Pro Photographers to thank.  Thanks for trusting us to be your album company, your service provider, your problem solver and on-call sales consultant ?. We’ll continue to have your back, and remain fully committed to providing you the highest quality professional wedding albums and time saving services that allow you to continue to find joy in the art you create

Zookbinders | Mark Zucker

–Mark Zucker, Founder and CEO.