The New Year brings with it some exciting new album options, improved turnaround times on all products and a brand new services to help keep photographers out of the post-production dungeon during wedding season :).

New and Improved Bon a Vie

When we launched the most unique wedding album in 2016 it only had 1 page option:  black pages between the photos. This year you’ll have a choice of “black” or all white pages. The white matches the clean and contemporary look of our Lustre Book. There’s no difference in price, and after seeing prototypes of both styles side by side…we vote for the white pages! We’re also adding metallic paper as an option for the Bon a Vie and lowering the published turnaround time to just 3 weeks. With bridal shows right around the corner, the Bon a Vie is a great option to get client’s attention.

Unique Wedding Album | Zookbinders

New! Introducing Editing and Culling

Years ago, Pro Photographers turned to Zookbinders for high quality albums. Today, we provide services such as Album Design and Selection Services to more than 70% of the albums we produce. We keep getting asked to “take more work off our plate”. This was the motivation behind offering Editing Services which go live January 1. Basic editing services starts at just $.15 per image. We make it easy for our photographers by working with Adobe Lightroom Smart Previews, and have many options so you can get the look you want.  We are also offering a Culling Service to help further get jobs from “shoot to client”. Most wedding photography consultants will tell you to outsource the work that’s time consuming and monopolizes your time. We make that practical and possible.

Zookbinders Photo Editing Services

Turnaround Time on Albums Just Got Faster

Producing a hand-crafted wedding album isn’t as easy as pulling something off a shelf in an Amazon warehouse. However, we get that faster turnaround times are appreciated…and expected. For 2019, our committed turnaround time on Zook Books, Lustre Books and EZ Books will be reduced from 10 to 8 business days. Don’t be surprised if your wedding albums get made faster than 8 days.. We just want to leave some room so we can “Under Promise and Over Deliver” J.  Due to the big spike in popularity of our most unique wedding album, the Bon a Vie, our turnaround will change from 4-5 weeks to just 3 weeks. Rush Services will remain at 5 days and cost 30% extra.

Zookbinders Zook Book Lustre Book | high quality wedding album bon a' vie | unique wedding album ez book | high quality photo album

Turnaround Time
in Business Days


8 15


New! Metallic Pages for Lustre Books

Until now if you wanted Kodak Metallic paper, the only album you could order was our Zook Book. In 2019 it will also be available for Lustre Books and Bon a Vie for a $40 surcharge. Want a sample that will make waves at bridal shows?  Order a sample wedding album with metallic paper and an acrylic cover (which comes with metallic paper).


Along with these exciting new offerings, we’ll be saying goodbye to the following products and services:

  1. 15×15 Bon a Vie
  2. Some unpopular colors for Bon a Vie

Pricing Changes in 2019

After only 1 price increase for Lustre Books over the past 5 years, there will be an increase of about 3% for 2019.  Bon a Vie and EZ Books will increase while our award winning Zook Book will remain unchanged. Some cover options like Acrylic and Cover Stamping will increase, while others like Cameos, and Premium Leathers will not. Album Design will increase by about $5 and Selection Service will increase from $6 to $10.

Note: most clients that use Selection receive an average increase of 10-15 images per album, so if you haven’t tried this money maker, now’s a great time.

Thank You!

2019 will be our 24th year in business and we have a LOT of Pro Photographers to thank.  Thanks for trusting us to be your album company, your service provider, your problem solver and on-call sales consultant ?. We’ll continue to have your back, and remain fully committed to providing you the highest quality professional wedding albums and time saving services that allow you to continue to find joy in the art you create.

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