After I talk to or meet a professional photographer for the first time, I go straight to their website and click on the “About Me” page.

It tells a lot – I either learn about their personality: “I’m first in line at Starbucks every morning at 5:30 AM and can’t start the day until I do an hour of Zumba”.

This is SO much more interesting then:  “our studio’s commitment to photographic excellence is as strong as our commitment to the city of…..”  This is guaranteed to send your future client in search of another photographer.

As small businesses, your clients visit your “About me” page more than you think.  It’s a qualifier, and also builds trust.  Clients want to know that you’re committed to your craft, but also have a life outside of it – plus the more interests you list (pet lover, love the color orange, obsessed with country music), the more chances you have of connecting with people.

Here are some of my favorites:

“I love photographing weddings because I like the unexpected. I like solving problems on the fly. I might be a guy, but I know how to use a needle and thread when a button pops or a dress rips” –

“I love photography and I love what I do. So much that I usually cry at some point during every weddings”  Melissa is clever enough to include her own wedding photo on her “about” page to reinforce with future brides that she gets it.

“Here are 10 things maybe you would like to know about me!!

  • I have a Greyhound I rescued from a racetrack named Taffy.
  • I hunt Bigfoot in my spare time.
  • I have an awesome wife Kristy, and two beautiful daughters.
  • I have never eaten a tomato.

Now who wouldn’t want to hire those 3 photographers?   According to our Photographers Pulse survey, personality is the #2 reason why photographer’s get hired.  Have fun with, and get rid of anything boring, corporate and impersonal and let your personality come through.   If you’re not comfortable talking about yourself, have someone who knows you well do it for you.  Then track your website analytics to see how many visitors you get.