Zookie Pro Alert: Having trouble uploading files?

Are you trying to upload spreads or individual images through Zookie Pro and getting an error message about flash? Have you updated flash and are still getting the “update flash” error? Maybe you try to upload images and get a blank white screen. We are sorry for the frustration! The good news is, we have a quick fix! Here is why this is happening.

We have recently learned that internet browsers have disabled flash settings. For security reasons browsers such as Chrome and Safari have made an update that turns flash off. We are looking for a solution and will have that up as soon as possible. In the meantime, follow these easy steps below.

Chrome Users:

  1. On your computer, open chrome
  2. At the top right, click More (looks like a column of three dots -) > Settings
  3. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings
  4. Under “privacy”, click Content settings
  5. A window will pop up. Scroll down and find “Flash” section
  6. Under Flash click Allow sites to run flash.
    1. Note: You have to scroll a bit
  7. Check box that says “Allow sites to run Flash
  8. At the bottom, click Done
  9. Log out of your account and then log back in (or refresh the page)
  10. Flash should work properly now

Safari Users: (note: Safari won’t display Flash products unless you ask it to do so for every individual website)

  1. Open Safari (or open a new tab)
  2. Go to Zookie pro and login
  3. While having the Zookie Pro screen visible go to the Safari menu
  4. Choose Preferences
  5. Choose the Security tab then click on Plug-in Settings and the dialog box (shown as a screen shot below) highlights the settings to choose.
  6. Select Adobe Flash Player and the Zookie pro page should be shown as one of the options
  7. Turn it on – Select “On” from the drop down.
  8. At the bottom right click Done
  9. Log out of your account and then log back in (or refresh the page)

Customer service is available during normal business hours for any questions you have and is always happy to help.