This month Zookbinders will celebrate our 21st birthday. We know its wedding season and that you’re too busy to send us a congratulatory note with lots of emojis; so to thank you for helping us become old enough to buy beer in all 50 states, we’d like to share a nice story with you.

We work with a photographer that shoots 100+ weddings in a major metro area and is a “value” brand.   One reason why profits were underwhelming is because they only sold wedding albums to 30% of their clients.  After reviewing their offerings, we suggested re configuring packages and pricing to allow for a “gateway album”, something reasonably priced that was hard to pass up.  I explained how critical it is for clients to include a Professional Photobook in their contract, and if they at least commit to the 8×8 with 45 images, that it will be much easier to have them upgrade to a 10×10 professional wedding album with more pages after the event.   Here was an email from him 3 months after he changed all of his packages:

“I feel the album line you put together is having very good success. The “8×8” album price sure does catch everyone’s eye. The entry price makes for an easy decision to add the album. Each bride I talked with loves the fact that we/you give them a start with choosing photos as well. I’m impressed with zookiepro and the ordering procedure”

This photographer should sell at least 35 more Professional Photobook this year and should make an additional 15-20K of profit!    Let us help you give your clients better service while helping you make a lot more money selling albums.   Simply email me or any of my colleagues with the subject line: “Help me make more $ selling albums”


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Thanks for the birthday wishes and for allowing us to help you!