Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday and Cyber Monday all encourage the masses to get out there and crush their gift giving list. It seems like the day after Halloween the holiday advertisers unleash their holiday campaigns. Despite the decent heads up, it’s not surprising some folks are left scrambling as the window of holiday shopping narrows. Last-minute shopping is a given and retail marketing is targeted at the low hanging fruit. Inboxes are flooded with last-minute deals on anything from socks that look like puppy paws to exotic meats and _______ of the month clubs. While some of these fine products do make excellent gifts, if you know your audience, they don’t take a tremendous amount of thought, they’re certainly not sentimental, they’re value will not increase over time, and they are not treasured family heirlooms. Do you see where I’m going here? Let’s go ahead and bring photo wedding albums into the shiny gift giving light.

Make a list and check it twice!

Where to start? Revisit your wedding and event client list from the past year (or two). Identify those who managed to slip out of the album purchase. These are your people! Remember it’s worth reaching out to all of them. If you don’t offer (again) they can’t say yes (this time). Keep in mind the reason they didn’t get an album back then, may have a different feel now.

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Example: THEN: I want to make my own album. NOW: No way! Too hard! No time!

Even if your offer falls after all pint deadlines, you can still sell the perfect Gift Certificate. The call to action might be an added incentive like a free upgrade or bonus images. After the holidays your clients can have the full experience of selecting their images and viewing their design.

Try these creative marketing emails to make wedding albums the gift that keeps on giving!

●   It’s not too late to order your wedding album! During the month of December purchase a gift certificate for a 50 image 10×10 album and receive a complementary full leather upgrade.

●   Looking for a last-minute gift that mom and dad will love?  Pre-order a certificate for a custom-designed parent album from your wedding. They’ll  get to pick all their favorites images in a beautiful 8 x 8 keepsake.

●   A professional wedding album would be the perfect surprise. Pre-order a 10×10 album with 50 images and full leather cover and get $100 print credit. You can start selecting your favorite images for your custom design right away! (Start a selection order for giftying.)

●   Double up on albums as gifts this holiday season! Gift one parent album and get the second for half off!

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Of course you want to do your math here so you’re covered. You might come out below your standard margin, but you’ve earned income. You’ve also giving old clients an opportunity to share the love, be great gifters,  it’s great PR and and you’ve done your due diligence to put an album in the hand of a client!

Happy Gifting!

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