While your busy recuperating from shooting 2-3 events during Memorial Day weekend, take a few minutes on Monday to think about how you can better serve your clients this year.

Brides essentially live “online”, and all of the vendors that are vying for her attention are focused on giving her the best “user experience”. So here are some tips to ensure that you give your clients a great “user experience” after the wedding.

Tip 1 – Present the edited files within 2 weeks of the event. Yes, 2 weeks. No excuses. Brides don’t care how busy you are – find the time to make it happen even if you have to outsource it. Start now, and set the tone for a year of happier clients.

Tip 2 – Use the Zookbinders Selection Service to help your clients choose their photos…in 1 hour! Our album designers will organize all of the edited files into 2 galleries:  1) the photos we recommend for the album; 2) all the photos. With this “jump start” from your friends at Zook (for FREE!), your brides will be able to literally finalize the photos in 1 hour!

Follow these 2 tips for every wedding, and you’ll be delivering albums 2-3 months after the wedding, giving your brides an unparalleled “user experience”. They’ll thank you by singing your praises to their friends….and you’ll have fewer orders in progress.  Happy Memorial Day!

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Photo credits: Shea Christine Photography