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Studio Spotlight – Sara Kauss Photography

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Every month we will showcase a studio that is challenging the norm in the photography industry by doing something new and interesting. They could be an established studio that has innovative ideas on how to stay on top, or a brand new studio that has managed to break through and present themselves boldly.


I remember as a young photographer intern being told by one of my mentors, “Ask for guidance from those who are where you want to be,” and with such a wonderful network of photographers here at Zookbinders we want to pass on what makes the studios that do well succeed!

Our first studio spotlight is Sara Kauss Photography in gorgeous Jupiter, Florida. Sarah’s team is made up of well-trained photojournalists that specialize in wedding, concert/musician, and lifestyle photography. Sarah created the studio 10 years ago and has been expanding ever since with powerful images and innovative business tools such as blogs and podcasts.    Sarah also works with nonprofit organizations, activist groups, and charities, and have been featured in publications such as Bridal Guide, Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, People, Country Living, and more!

chris stapleton country music photographer sara kauss nashville photographer | ZookbindersHow did you and your camera first meet?

I’ve always been a photographer!  In high-school I was involved in the yearbook and loved taking classes in photography.  I would say when we first met though was well before high-school.  I’ve always been artistic and loved capturing moments in time to be able to share the story later through photos!   


professional Photo Albums for Photographers | Zookbinders

What do you love about shooting in your area?

The natural light at sunrise is unmatched in South Florida — if you can get your clients to agree with you and wake up that early!  Also, there’s a very diverse landscape between the beaches and oak trees in parks available.  The photography opportunities in South Florida are endless!

kari and billy country music duo photographer sara kauss nashville photographer | Zookbinders

What is your strategy for selling albums?

Albums are heirloom pieces.  There is nothing about a USB or disc that you can hold in your lap, share with your friends during a dinner party or enjoy flipping through besides a coffee table wedding album.  I simply want my clients to have a memory of their wedding day or event that isn’t going to be lost one day in the cloud — and I tell them that.  


professional Photo Albums for Photographers | Zookbinders

How do you find your customers?

Referrals are the highest rate of new couples or country music artists.  I really try to build relationships with our clients, become friends with them on Facebook and get to know them and their families before their wedding day or musician photo shoot.  Second to referrals would be vendor relationships.  Being top of mind for wedding planners, florists, venue coordinators, are all very important pieces of building a successful business in the photography world.     

professional Photo Albums for Photographers | Zookbinders

If you could go back and time and shoot one event in history, what would it be?

Princess Diana’s wedding!  I think photographing a Royal Wedding would simply be the “icing on the cake” of all photography experiences.


professional Photo Albums for Photographers | Zookbinders

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