You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

First impressions happen rapidly and are nearly eternal. It’s important to do your best in ensuring a great first impression. Changing a first impression is possible, but it’s best to avoid making these marketing mistakes in the first place. Below are some important practices to avoid:

1. Don’t neglect your community

Your fans expect that as a business, you’ll be responsive. If you get too busy for your community you’ll lose them and their potential business. Captivate your audience. Respond to comments and messages quickly. Allow your personality to shine through your message, allowing your community to see that you are a real person and they will respond in turn.

2. Neglecting to proofread

Ever notice a Facebook post with misspelled words? How about missing punctuation? Don’t undo all the progress you’ve made and diminish your credibility because of bad spelling or grammar. Lots of people are turned off when you use “it’s” instead of “its” or “their” instead of “they’re”. Proofreading your work is an important part of creating a positive impression with your fans.

 3. Talking about yourself.

Nobody likes people who talk about themselves all the time and it’s the same for companies. Act like you do everyday situations.  Not every post should push people to your site. Talk more about how your potential clients can benefit from your services. It’s all in the way you word your posts.