80% of the pro photographers we work with struggle getting their clients to start their professional wedding albums on a timely basis.  We often hear: “We’d love to send you more albums, but my clients take months to choose their photos”.

Here’s a great tip from one of our clients on how to solve this problem: “All of our packages include an album and the digital files.  However, we don’t release the digital files until they order their album from us”.

This is brilliant!  This company typically delivers finished albums in 3 months (or less) on all of the weddings they shoot every year.

Here’s another tip:  Using our Selection Service will make it SO much easier for your clients to choose their photos.


Here’s how it works:  you send us ALL of the color corrected files that your client will see, and our designers will choose the best images, which are the images we recommend for the album.  This way, your clients’ first viewing of your images is looking at 80-100 of the best photos, not 800 photos which include many dupes.

Why is it important to go from ‘Shoot to Album’ in 3 months?  When clients get their albums in 3 months or less… they’ll recommend you to their friends, you’ll get more 5 star reviews, orders will be larger and your cash flow will improve.  4 great benefits for making 1 simple change!

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