We have a client who shoots several hundred wedding album design per year and has had such success using our Selection Service that we had to brag you about it.

This studio was interested in generating additional profits on upsell WITHOUT having to do any extra work and had heard about our Selection Service.   In sum, we’re able to net them an average profit of $111 on every job – here’s how:

  • Contract includes: 45 images
  • Zook pre-selects 70 images, which is 25 extra (we recommend selecting 20-30 extra)
  • The studio set the price at $9.00 per additional image
  • Brides average adding 15 images, for a total of 60 images per wedding album
  • Average upsell is $135
  • 15 images = 3 additional page spreads at $8.00 per spread = $24
  • Net profit is $111 per job!

This client orders our 10×10 Lustre Book with a Leather Spine cover which lists for:  $205 for 10 spreads

With a net profit of $111 per job, this studio is effectively paying $94 for a high quality Zookbinders Professional wedding album design services!

Our Selection Service is FREE if you order our albums and $25 if you don’t – we’re here to help accelerate your business!