Okay, think fast: When I say salesman you say…what? Pest? Pushy jerk? Used car guy in a bad suit? Not too long ago I made all the same associations. That is until I accepted a job in sales.

The truth is that despite the stereotypes, a true sales professional makes it their business to help and support their customers, not just talk about the latest product they’ve been told to push. Sales professionals spend more time listening than talking. They dig in and find out where their clients struggle, and where their challenges lie. It’s their job to find the right products and services to fit their customers needs. And they are equally responsible to be honest when the fit is just not right.

What approach do you use in “selling” your clients? Are you “selling” your services or showing future clients how you can “HELP”? There’s plenty of research suggesting the best way to obtain a customer is simply to show how you can solve their problem better than the other guy.


That’s the mission for those of us here in sales support at Zookbinders where our “Sales People” are really “Problem Solvers”. We call our customers to let them know that we appreciate their business and make sure that we are meeting their expectations. If we’re not, we want to know! We ask questions to help us better understand their business, and look for ways to add value, or simplify their workflow.

Need advice on how to get “disk only” client do buy an album?  Call us. Need recommendations on how to sell parent albums? Call us. Need advice on how to charge for upsells on our Shopping Carts?  Call us. Because we talk to dozens of pro photographers each week we hear what works and what doesn’t. That is true sales support.

So the next time you get a call from one of us, don’t think of us as another pesky salesman, think of us as your resource.  Tori, Steve and I can be reached at 800 810-5745 ext 3. We’ll ALWAYS BE HERE TO HELP YOU, but we’ll never try to “sell” you!


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