It’s easy to see why selling albums to wedding couples is so important – the album documents their day and becomes an heirloom for their family to look back on years beyond the wedding date. However, what about the other unforgettable times in your life that should also be worth more than 24 hours on an Insta-story? One of these times is the senior photography session – for both the student and the parents!

Why not celebrate this accomplishment 13 school years in the making with a really cool album? Once you set a senior album sample in mom or dad’s hands it’s very hard to say no to something they know they will treasure forever. If you want to elevate that emotion, we recommend also pre-designing an album with the senior images to show during the consultation!

Let’s dive into some best practices Zookbinders has learned to work best for selling to the seniors!

Why adding albums to your packages makes it easier for everyone

Why does it seem every wedding reception comes with perfectly matched chair covers? Because years ago venues came up with the idea to include them in their wedding packages, knock up the price a bit, and deem them essential. Click here to learn more about what we as photographers can learn from this cool idea!

When looking at a menu, why do we flip over to the combos and meal deals instead of the a la carte? As a society, we love the bundle options. We love the convenience of someone else putting together what we need, with also having some choices.

A great example is from Maureen Miller Photography which has a 75% success rate of clients who receive albums! They achieve this by offering three senior packages and a la carte options. The middle package includes an indoor and outdoor session, an 8 x 8 Photo Book with 15 images, gift prints, announcements, and a digital copy of every printed image for social media use (low-res with the studio logo in the corner).

The owner, Maureen, deliberately mentions in every consultation with the parents to tell why she feels albums are so essential to every senior session. She uses verbiage such as, “It’s great because I’m sure Anna is going to like a lot of the pictures and an album is the best way to show them off rather than putting them all in frames.” Maureen also demonstrates this by putting albums in her most popular package.

Maureen Miller Photography has found great sales success with their senior photography clients by showing sample albums, including albums in her collections, and simply showing enthusiasm for their products before, during, and after the senior photography session.

How to Secure the Sale

As photographers, when we mention photo albums to our clients we are envisioning what we know – a beautiful design with unique elements crafted into a high-quality album. However, if you don’t have a sample to place into the client’s hands then they may be envisioning something very different.

We can only envision what we know from our own experiences. If your client’s only experience of an album is their own wedding album from 20 years ago or a low-quality photo book they bought for 50% off on Black Friday to put vacation images into, then you are at a disadvantage. Your version of an album doesn’t match their experience, therefore your price for albums won’t match what their expectation to pay would be.

This can be easily made clear by having physical samples in the consultation, waiting room, and even the photo studio by the “mom chair”. This ensures that the parents know exactly the high-quality professional albums that you are offering, and why they are worth every penny.

If you sell online, you can still achieve this success! Bring an 8×8 sample to your on-location senior session for the parents to look at during the session. Make a special page just for albums on your website that showcase beautiful images and/or videos of your albums and flipbooks of the design.

Selling to your past senior sessions

Ideas for selling to your past customers – whether an album came with their package or not:

  • If an album or album credit came with their senior portrait session:
    • If you already sent them a gallery link to pick their favorites, then gently remind them that now is a great time to revisit their senior photos & select their favorite images!
    • Maybe the parents or parent of the senior is having a difficult time choosing if so, we recommend for you to send the favorite images first – even if you already sent the parent the gallery link, you can always send them a link such as Zookbinder’s Selection Service to make it easier on them.
    • Once they select their images, then it’s time to start the design! If you want to get the design off your plate, send it on over to the professional designs at Zookbinders
  • An album or album credit didn’t come with their package or session:
    • You can start by preselecting the favorites to make it easier and less overwhelming. Since the album isn’t something they prepaid for, you want to make it as easy as possible.
    • A lot of our photography clients swear by “pre-designing” their senior album and sending them the virtual link. If they order the album as is, then they get a “special price” (maybe 5-10% less). If they have revisions, then they pay full price.

Whether your studio has been selling albums to your senior clients for years, or this is a new idea for your 2020 and 2021 sales, every photographer can achieve great success selling to seniors by adding a package to your collections with an album included. Add on a senior sample album to place in mom’s hands and you will see results that will end in higher upsells and great sales success with your senior photography clients!