For wedding and event photographers, delivering a complete customer experience including custom professional wedding albums, prints and wall art is one way to position themselves as a luxury brand. Not only will photographers realize the best return on every event they shoot, but  their clients will better remember the best days of their lives.But you don’t have to take our word for it! Today we hear from Zookbinders customer Tracye Pulliam of Tracye’s Photography, a boutique wedding and portrait studio based in Jackson Tennessee.


I opened my business in 2001 and for some reason from the very beginning I have ALWAYS wanted my brides to order a professional wedding album. To me it felt more complete when they had a finished product in their hand when they left my studio. I feel it’s not enough for my clients to just have proofs or digital files. The proofs end up in a box in the back of a closet never to be looked at again while the digital files sit on a disk that grows closer to extinction with each passing day. When couples have a wedding album it typically gets put on display in the living room where friends can flip through it when they come over. Oftentimes, the newlywed bride will carry it around in her car at the ready to show off to friends. I grab my own wedding album every once in awhile and it’s crazy to me that there are pictures in it I had forgotten about yet I only got married 9 years ago.


Over the years I have tried to come up with ways to encourage couples to include an album in their purchase. For the first few years in business, I was able to include an album in every package I offered. As the marketplace evolved it made more sense to include a $250 credit towards a wedding album if ordered within 30 days after the wedding. That helped me in severals ways. It encouraged people to order an album since, let’s face it, no one wants to waste $250, and it created some sense of urgency for my clients who might otherwise put it off for months. Now I set up a session after the wedding and tell them it’s their chance to work directly with me and place orders for prints and/or albums.

I’ve enjoy  working with Zookbinders as they have many options at different price points while still providing a great quality, professional  album.

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