Why should newlyweds have to wait 9 months to get their professional wedding album?

We’re wondering the same thing, too. Our 30-day makeover was developed with two people in mind: you and your client. Here’s what we know: your clients want wedding albums. Your clients want their photo albums as soon as possible. What they don’t like is seeing an overwhelming amount of photos… or waiting weeks to see them for the first time. But what really irks the bride is waiting so long to get their wedding album. Consider this a makeover that makes everyone look better.

The advice your mother would’ve given you if she was a photographer:

Clients Want Wedding Albums – they just don’t want to work really hard to get them done. That’s why you need to make the process easier and quicker for them AND for you.

Shoot Less – pre-digital, the average custom wedding album had 80-100 images, and most photographers shot 400-600 images. Today, most photographers shoot over 1500+ images… yet most wedding albums still have 80-100 images. Our point: don’t overshoot.

Show Less Images – most couples today are time-starved, and asking a client to plow through 1000+ images and choose their favorites is not only impractical but inconsiderate. Here’s a radical thought: Select your favorites (or let us do it for you), and have us design the wedding album before they see any images!

Photography is Like Perishable Fruit – the sooner your client sees the images, the more likely they are to place an order.

That’s why we developed a 30-Day makeover and created the simplest, most client-pleasing wedding photography model on the planet! (Oh, and did we also mention you’ll get more hugs?)

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