As a photographer, you either already have a logo, are in need of a logo, or are looking to redesign your logo. If you are looking to create a logo yourself, or redesign your existing logo, there are a few things to consider…

K.I.S.S: (Keep it simple, stupid) Your logo should be simple. A logo should NOT be overwhelming or hard to read. You would not want to use a script font, in most cases.

Example of a logo that doesn’t work and why: 

1. It’s not easily readable.

2. The tagline is too small to use a script font, also making it unreadable.
3. The font is choppy, like it may have been handwritten and scanned in.
4. Lacks a professional presence.
A good example that does work (also using a script font for comparison):

1. Even with the use of script, it’s still very clear and easy to read.

2. The logo icon allows of an easy, quick look to give the viewer an idea of what the business is even if they didn’t read.


Balance: Keep your logo balanced by keeping the “weight” of the graphics, colors, and size equal on each side.

This logo lacks balance.

Use of Color: Logos typically don’t have more than 2-3 colors at the most. The color is something you want to keep simple as well. Knowing how colors evoke feelings and moods is also important. For example, red can evoke feelings of aggression, love, passion, and strength.

Fonts Matter: If your logo design includes text, either as part of the logo or in the tagline, you will need to spend time sorting through various font types — often, dozens of them — and testing them in your design before making a final decision. Try to avoid commonly used fonts.
Bad choice of font…
Effects: While you may be tempted to “spice” things up a bit with some extra effects, it’s probably not the best choice. There’s a time and place for these powerful tools, but it is not necessarily to design a logo.
What happens when you get too “effect” happy…
Make sense: Does your logo make sense? If you are a plumber, maybe you have a pipe icon. A pizza place? Maybe a slice of pizza. But if you are a personal shopper, maybe a shopping cart isn’t the right graphic to give a quick idea of what you do.
Here is an example of something that DOES work, and does a great job making sense with their graphic use.