Ok so you’ve decided to sell Albums and you’re not sure where to start. We can help!

First you’ll need a sample album to show prospective clients, as you can’t sell what you don’t show.  We discount all sample albums 50%!

Here are the steps!

1.)    Login to your account

2.)    Click on Start a new order.

3.)    Click on  Design, Print & Bind

4.)    Color correct and retouch your images and upload them into a design, print to bind order.

5.)    Our expert design team will complete your design in about 3 days.

6.)    Make revisions (if necessary), then approve the design

7.)    Choose your cover and add a set of parent album  – they’re also discounted 50%

8.)    Zookbinders prints and binds your album order and ships it 2 weeks or less!

It’s Just that Easy!

Need assistance with setting up packages?

Looking for ideas on adding albums to shoot and burn packages?

Call us at 800-810-5745, we have the answers you need to provide an enjoyable ordering experience for you and your customers.

We’ve got your back!