New year, new product! The Lustre Book is now available with thick pages!

With the optional thicker page, you now have more reasons to sell the Lustre Book as a premium product. Thin pages are 1/32″ while the new thick pages are 1/16″.

Check out the photos below to see the difference.


The Lustre Book is a flush mount album that is printed on professional photo paper. It comes with square cut corners and rigid, lay-flat pages which are coated for protection.

The thick pages is just one of the customization choices for your Lustre Book. You can choose between fabric and leather for your cover with over 30 leather colors and 7 colors of Japanese silk.  There are also 8 album sizes and orientations to choose from: square 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12; horizontal 12×8 and 12×9 and the vertical 8×12 and 9×12.

There are also 5 cover design options you and your client can choose from: wraparound, leather spine with photo or acrylic cover, full leather, cameo and splash cameo.

To know more about Zookbinders, go to! Happy New Year!