New for 2018

Canvas Covers

The rich, tactile feel of canvas is available
as an upgrade on our Lustre Book wraparound covers and leather spine covers

The EZ Book

With a page thickness of 1/64, the EZ Book
is a cost-effective,easy to order album suitable for parent albumsseniorsportrait albums or boudoir.

Page Coating Options

Zook Book and Lustre Book will be offered
with your choice of our standard Lustre coating or new, UV glossy coating.


Along with these exciting new offerings,
we’ll be saying goodbyeto the following products and services

Bind only service, all albums must be printed at Zookbinders

Discontinued sizes and packages – 9×9, (3) 4×4 pkg, (1) 6×6 & (1) 4×4 pkg


Pricing Changes

We are pleased to announce no album price increases for 2018. Selection Service will increase from $3 to $6 and the base price for all Design styles will increase by $2.00.

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