Most photographers become business owners because they love photography. The hard part becomes doing it for a living and making it profitable.

Running a profitable professional photography business requires expertise in 4 areas:

1. Being a good/ great photographer
2. Being able to attract and service clients
3. Being able to handle the post production efficiently… without losing your mind!
4. Being able to wear a “business hat” to run a profitable business

Although we can’t help much with #1, we can definitely help with #’s 2, 3 & 4. We talk to hundreds of photographers every week: we hear about problems like: “no one’s calling, what can I do?” or: “It’s easy for me to hire and train other photographers, but what is the secret to retaining them?”

The good news is that we can help. There are 4 of us at Zookbinders whose main job is to find ways to help you.

1. Need help deciding which albums to offer? We can help.
2. Need help talking through big decisions like: “Should I continue to operate on part-time basis (and put all of the profits towards my children’s college), or take the plunge and do this full-time?” We can help.
3. Need advice on how to help sell more images in your albums? We can help.

My 3 colleagues have a total of 50 years shooting, and running their own professional photography businesses, and are great resources. Although I’ve never shot a wedding (I’m happy to assist if you’re in a bind), I’ve got 27 years of photography industry experience coupled with 20 years of business ownership experience.

Think of us as your personally invested, one-on-one personal trainer for growing your professional photography business. Only we don’t charge by the hour. Heck, we don’t charge at all!

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