Last Wednesday my husband and I watched as his very favorite team in the world made history as the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. My husband’s whole family are die-hard Cubs fans and have waited for this day for as long as any of them can remember. I am originally from Cleveland and was still in disbelief that BOTH the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs were in the World Series in the first place, let alone that the Cubs broke an 108-year drought.

We shared in the news with hundreds of Facebook friends. We watched all the interviews with the players beaming with pride. We anxiously told our 4-year-old little Cubs fan at breakfast as he grinned ear-to-ear with the news. We raced into work the next morning to start our day with retelling the events of the night before.

However, it still seem surreal that last night wasn’t just a dream. What finally made it real was being the first in line at the corner store and grabbing The Sun Times and The Chicago Tribune with the headline “World Series Champions”. The reality hit when I held something tangible, saw the beautiful over-the-fold pictures with so much emotion on the players faces, and read the article that made what seemed like a dream into a non-fiction miracle.

When I raced to the car with the newspapers in hand, my husband immediately grabbed them, took a moment, took them out of the store bag and said, “Oh my gosh, it’s real – this really happened!” It was a moment I will never forget – we both had tears in our eyes as it all became reality. We also bought extra papers to save for each of our sons when they get older for them to enjoy just as we did. We will re-tell the story of the game, and show them the newspapers that proved it all happened once upon a time.

Just married sign on back of vintage car with bride and groom inside


Please note that we will not be sharing the story on USB drives with saved images, we will not be bookmarking the page on the computer to pull up on whatever computer device is around 10 years from now – we will be pulling out a preserved memory that we can enjoy together on a couch in the comfort of our living room.

Sound familiar? It should – this is exactly how your customers should be enjoying their wedding day.

The photo album makes the wedding real. As a bride myself I can tell you that the wedding day goes by in a flash – you’re lucky if you get a piece of wedding cake, let alone actually get a moment to take it all in. Just like the Cubs game and the newspaper, that moment where it sinks in happens when you open something tangible with everything laid out in front of you. That is the moment where you can remember the moments you were able to take in, and experience the many moments you sometimes didn’t even realize happened!


wedding albums

Does the bride realize a year before her wedding when she is booking you that she won’t remember most of the details of this day she is spending thousands of dollars and hours planning – no way! Does the bride realize 2 weeks before the wedding that if she doesn’t include the album in her photography package that her USB of images will just sit in a desk to likely never be shared with her unborn children and grandchildren many years later – no way! Does she realize that without an album she may never have that moment of – “wow, this was real” – no way!

It is our job as photographers to make it real for the bride. We are the ones that can “see the future” – we know the reactions of the bride and groom when they see their album for the first time. We are the ones that make the wedding day real. For the sake of the brides, include the album in the package – don’t even make it an option. Her memories of the day are just to priceless to live in an a la carte memory next to the 8×10 prints and coffee mugs.