As a 10 year pro photographer, I finally got to walk a day in my customers wedding heels as a recent bride. What I learned has changed how I look at shooting weddings.

First impression is everything!

The first photographer I met with showed me a sample album with the 50 best photos they’d ever taken. Instead, I was expecting to see a sample album of a complete wedding to get a clear idea of what my wedding photos would look like. Showing your client a sample album from with images from start to finish will give your bride an idea of your shooting style and what the finished product will look like.

Sample Album | Zookbinders

Details matter!

Perhaps your bride made her own centerpieces, or the necklace she is wearing was her great grandmothers. Ask the bride about the details of her wedding so you can learn what’s important.  Then ask the groom and both sets of parents: find out which guests they want photos of and with – you’ll learn a lot and will ultimately be able to deliver a more meaningful collection of photos. Getting those shots will increase your print sales when mom goes shopping!

Sample Album | Zookbinders

Don’t let your creative license be revoked!

As photographers, we tend to focus on our bride’s “demands” and lose our own creativity, especially with a “Pinterest Bride”.  We have expertise that allows us to make suggestions and give ideas that your bride may never have thought of. Don’t lose your voice and let the bride do all of the talking. Most of the time, she isn’t a wedding photographer and doesn’t really know what may work best.

Sample Album | Zookbinders

The unofficial “Coordinator” to the rescue!

Most weddings don’t have a coordinator and try as they might, the mother/maid of honor/aunt would rather enjoy the day then act as one. I was very organized and had a detailed schedule but even with all of that planning, my photographer helped to make sure the day ran smooth and we were always on time for photos. As photographers, we need to do more than just capture the shots, we need to help our brides. We have the most knowledge of how the day needs to go in order to get the best images. By taking the reigns and keep everything running smoothly, you can get all the photos your bride and groom want while making them happy and relaxed.

For most photographers, your “Bride” isn’t just your client. She will have the same experiences that you, your friend, your spouse or anyone else that has or will be getting married.  By providing them with the service that you would want at your own wedding you get happier clients and thus more referrals.

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