The inspiration for this dynamic new product came from you, our fabulous photographers. You’ve given us great reviews on product quality and useful services, but when we hear that you’re offering other products because they have more “sizzle”… it motivated us to create THE most exciting, smoking-hot, bad-ass, attention-getting album ever produced!

People want choices, and they want them to be unusual, outrageous and sexy. That’s why car dealerships keep a red sports-car on display when you enter the showroom. The Bon a’ Vie is our shiny red sports car, but has much greater appeal. It’s intended to usher in a whole new wave of story-telling. Its one-of-a-kind layout encourages two people to view the album together, turning the pages in synch like 2 lovers rowing a boat on a secluded lake.

Some photographers have told us: “get me samples ASAP and it will be the only album I offer”. Others have told us: “I expect about 20% of my clients to order one, but I KNOW it will help me book the other 80%”. So to help you get started we have 3 ways of ordering a sample:

1. Have us design the sample for you (it is a little trickier to design than a traditional album), and then we’ll print & bind it

2. You design your sample and we Print & Bind it

3. Buy a pre-made sample (with images from another photographer) that we can ship the next business day – we have sample albums “kits” complete with a Custom Box and Swatch Box for a flat fee of $100 which includes shipping. Click here to order.


For Sample Albums of your work, we’re offering a 75% discount on orders placed before 12-31-15.

Now, here’s the back story on the name Bon a’ Vie: it’s a combination of several languages that translates to “The Good Life”. Photos are meant to be shared, and when 2 people that are connected are viewing an album of great memories, it brings you back to a “Life is Good” mind-set.

Thanks for supporting Bon a’ Vie, the brainchild of incredibly talented artisans who are equally great people – we’re lucky  to call them our colleagues – let us know how it delights your clients!

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