wedding albums

It’s Go Time! Lead with value and come out swinging

Today, there are more things than ever competing for a piece of the lucrative wedding and event business. Photographers, it’s time drop the gloves and fight for a piece of the action!

Successful photographers who have survived the digital revolution and the Great Recession have by now settled into the new “normal” in our industry which says that while their clients may still be value driven, they DO have money and they WILL spend it. You can see it at so many of the events you shoot from those fancy dress hangers with the brides name spelled out in bent wire, to elaborate sweet tables or late night pizza and burgers served barely three hours after a sit down dinner.

Find out what kind of budget they have for the event and what they plan to spend with each vendor. Contrast the value of photography–your photography–to that of such things as chair covers, center pieces, showy cakes, photo booths, top-shelf liquor, etc. Point out that these things add up quickly while dealing a body blow to the budget, yet a week after the event nobody will remember nor care about any of them.

In this fight you’ve got to bring more than just your portfolio and a price list. It’s your job to spell out the reasons why they should allocate enough money to have you visually tell their story in images. Let your confidence in your work shine bright and assume the sale! Lead with a solid package that includes an album and let them know that a beautiful album that stitches together their big day is vastly more meaningful than the distant memory of an overpriced appetizer or up-lighting package.

Starting with your next consultation, come out swinging and offer real value to your customers with photography packages that include photo albums and other extras that will make you money. Your clients will never regret it!