Years ago, we only offered premium photo albums, and 95% of all orders were for professional wedding albums. When we created the mid-priced Lustre Bookthis gave portrait photographers a high quality photo album at a price that encouraged more album sales. 

With the launch of the EZ Book (with pricing starting at just $79), we’ve made it even more cost effective for your clients to buy more albums for so many different occasions: 

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  • Sign-in books is where the EZ Book shines. This guest sign-in album comes with uncoated lay-flat pages that are perfect for writing on.   10×10 and 12×12 have been the most popular sizes, and we even include a special quick dry pen if you select the “sign in” box when ordering.   
  • EZ Books offer tremendous value for wedding parent albums Imagine selling a 10×10 Wedding Photo Album and upgrading the parents from 8×8 Lustre Books to 10×10 EZ Books (which actually cost less!).   Parents and Grandparents will love the larger size albums! 
  • For Boudoir Photo Albums, the 8×8 EZ Book starts at just $79 with a Wraparound Cover – the cover design can include some text so it’s personalized (e.g. “To my husband…..“).   
Photo Album | Zookbinders

You can upgrade your EZ Books with either a Lustre or Glossy UV Coating to add an extra layer of protection to the pages for only $1.00 per spread.

The possibilities are endless with this cost effective yet high quality photo book. Here are a few more ways to incorporate the EZ Book.



Sports teams, School clubs


Corporate event

Bar/Bat mitzvahs – grandparent albums 

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