Years ago, we only offered premium photo albums, and 95% of all orders were for professional wedding albums. When we created the mid-priced Lustre Bookthis gave portrait photographers a high quality photo album at a price that encouraged more album sales. 

With the launch of the EZ Book (with pricing starting at just $79), we’ve made it even more cost effective for your clients to buy more albums for so many different occasions: 

  • For high school senior albums, the 8×8 EZ books start at $79, compared with an 8×8 Lustre Book that starts at $125.  For clients that felt an High School Senior Album was too expensive, now you can include the EZ Book as the base price and STILL upgrade to the Lustre Book.  The cost is so low why not add on another Senior Album copy for Parents and Grandparents?  
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  • Sign-in books is where the EZ Book shines. This guest sign-in album comes with uncoated lay-flat pages that are perfect for writing on.   10×10 and 12×12 have been the most popular sizes, and we even include a special quick dry pen if you select the “sign in” box when ordering.   
  • EZ Books offer tremendous value for wedding parent albums Imagine selling a 10×10 Wedding Photo Album and upgrading the parents from 8×8 Lustre Books to 10×10 EZ Books (which actually cost less!).   Parents and Grandparents will love the larger size albums! 
  • For Boudoir Photo Albums, the 8×8 EZ Book starts at just $79 with a Wraparound Cover – the cover design can include some text so it’s personalized (e.g. “To my husband…..“).   
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You can upgrade your EZ Books with either a Lustre or Glossy UV Coating to add an extra layer of protection to the pages for only $1.00 per spread.

The possibilities are endless with this cost effective yet high quality photo book. Here are a few more ways to incorporate the EZ Book.



Sports teams, School clubs


Corporate event

Bar/Bat mitzvahs – grandparent albums 

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