Have you heard? Zookbinders has a new website! We felt it was time to freshen up and get a facelift. Most clients rely on their phones to check email and browse sites SO… we also made the site mobile friendly!

In addition, our new site features LARGER pictures of our products as well as a host of new looks at our cover styles and colors that are designed to inspire you! We’ve also refreshed our wedding album design page with new sample designs.

professional photo albums for photographers | zookbinders

If you’d like to be more successful selling wedding albums, visit our Accelerate Your Business page. There you’ll see the names and faces of committed people who can help you with anything from setting your retail prices to how to deal with clients who seemingly only want digital files. Help starts with a phone call.

professional photo albums for photographers | zookbinders

As always, visit our blog for sales tips and inspiration.

Notable changes

  • Photobook and Lustrebook have been added to their corresponding “bigs” page and are still available for purchase on their own.
  • The Cover Calculator and the free Wrap-around Cover Design Service are both located under the Tools section and “Design Your Cover
  • Photographer resources has transformed into 4 separate links located under the Tools section called “Accelerate your Business, Tutorials, Downloads, and Video

With all the changes to the main site, no changes have been made to the ordering system or the commitment of our customer service team to be there for you.