Editing & Culling

We know photographers love to shoot. We also know that not all photographers love post production.



per image

JPEG’s cost an additional $.03 per image to edit


2 weeks*

Rush Service Available

*Can fluctuate during the year

Basic service includes your preference for:

  • White Balance
  • Adjust Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Adjust highlights/whites
  • Adjust shadows/blacks
  • Sharpening
  • Noise Reduction

Additional Options

Cropping & Straightening $.03
Saturation/Color Adjustments $.01
Vignettes $.01
Local Adjustments Brushes $.02
Graduated Filters $.02

    Artistic Enhancement Filters

Choose from 6 popular filters or send us your own Lightroom presets

Berry in Love

Classic Black and White

Dreamy Matte

Retro Romance

Sweet Cherry

Urban Chic

Tell us ~ how many images to apply the filters, and that will determine the price.
Note: Filtered images will be returned in addition to the original edited images



per image


1 week

Rush Service Available

Pricing is based on total # of images you send.

For example, send 2,000 images, and we’ll charge $80 regardless of how many images you’d like us to narrow down to.
Note: We require creative license to deliver within 10% of the desired amount of images
E.g. Send 2,000 images and ask us to Cull down to 800, we’ll deliver between 720 – 880

Fun Fact


For every 1 hour of shooting, photographers spend an average of 1.5 hours in post production!



That means a 10 hour wedding generates 15 hours of work.

Pricing Example

Send 2,000 images, and ask us to cull out 60% $80
Edit 800 RAW images at $.15 each $120
Add cropping & Straightening at $.03 $24
Add Vigenettes at $.01 $8
Total $232

Your Time Is Worth More Than $15 Per Hour

Total Cost with Zook:


Total Hours:


Hourly Rate:


First Orders – How it Works:

Send us a full order and we will edit and send you up to 20 images from different parts of the event for review. Once you provide feedback, we’ll re-edit (if necessary), and continue to do this until you approve for us to begin the rest of the order.

There is no additional charge for this service

Editing For Album Design

We can edit your images just before they’re ready for your Album Design. Simply start an order the same exact way, and we’ll take care of the editing for you.

What We Do:

Our artists review every image and narrow them down to the best.

We know to remove awkward expressions, out of focus images, and photo you don’t want to be seen.

We’ll support any custom request.

Why You Can Trust Zookbinders


Highest Quality Professional Wedding Albums


Printing and Binding


Creative Album Design


Selection Service
(pre-selecting album photos)


Photo Editing for High Volume Clients


Video Editing for High Volume Clients


Editing & Culling for Pro Photographers

Editing and Culling FAQ’s

Uploading and Downloading

–  We use DropBox to transfer files. When you place an order you’ll receive an email with a link of where to upload. When we complete the editing, we’ll email you a link to download the files directly from DropBox

How long will you store my RAW images?

– If you let us be your editor, we’ll let you do the storing :). However, we do keep RAW files for 30 days in the case of revisions after we send you images!

Do you edit JPEG’s?

– We do! There is surcharge of $.03 per image to edit JPGS in addition to the base price.

Will you send me back JPEG’s upon request?

– Absolutely! If you are sending RAW files to be edited you can choose to receive your files back as JPEGs or XMPs. If you are sending JPEGs to be edited you will receive edited JPEGs back.

Will you be able to rename my files?

– Of course! You can indicate how you’d like us to name the files when you place the order. There’s no charge for this. Note, renaming is only available if you’ve chosen to receive edited JPEGs.

Will you be able to sequence my files?

– If your cameras were time synced then we will sequence your files for only $20. If the cameras were not synced by time stamp then there is a $75 surcharge for sequencing. Please note that this can affect the Turnaround Time

What are the Turnaround Times?

– Turnaround time is 2 weeks for Editing and 1 week for Culling. If you bundle both services together you’ll get Culling and Editing back in just 2 weeks! This could increase a little during heavy “editing season” of August – November

Can we try Zook editing on a trial order?

– Absolutely! When you place your order, check the box that it’s your first one and we’ll edit up to 20 images from multiple scenes for you to review. When you receive the files you’ll provide feedback, we’ll re-edit, and you’ll approve that we can start the rest of the order.

How long will it take to get the test images back on my first order?

– Turnaround time is ~3 days

Can you edit using my LightRoom presets?

– Yes. We offer a selection of our own popular filters or you can send us up to 3 of your preset filters. Note, presets will be saved as an additional file and will be included along with the original. Only available with JPEG

Do you offer Artistic Enhancements?

– Yes. We offer a variety of enhancements to customize the look you want.

When is payment due?

– Payment is due via credit (or debit) card when order is placed.