My kids could never use the excuse: “the dog ate my homework”, because we didn’t have one. However, at Zookbinders we receive a handful of albums every year that are sent back for repair because….”The Dog Bit The Wedding Album”. Every pet lover knows that dogs love to chew on bones and scraps of leather. So when they see a tantalizing leather wedding album, they have no regard for the fact that it may contain their owner’s most precious memories, photographed by a pro who put their heart and soul into it.

Broken Leather Wedding Album | Zookbinders

Here are some observations from 30+ years of making high quality genuine leather wedding albums:

●    Dogs prefer album covers without imagery. The more leather they see, the more they want to take a bite.

●    They’re ok with a small cameo image, but putting an acrylic cover on a professional wedding album is like putting an invisible fence around the yard!

●    Dogs love the spines of Matted Albums. They’re rounder, easier to bite and are generally meatier than the spines of Zook Books or Lustre Books.

●    Wedding albums with Black or Brown leather are the colors of choice. Apparently our two-tone Splash Covers confuse dogs, as we’ve never had to repair one.

●    We have never received a “chewed wedding album” that had a non-leather cover. Apparently when dogs sniff an album with Silk Fabric, they smell chemicals not animal hide.

Dog Ate A Wedding Album
professional photo albums for photographers | zookbinders

Every Zookbinders leather wedding album is made from top-grain genuine cowhide (the good stuff).  We don’t use bonded leather, pleather, shleather or any substitute material.  It’s super important that we don’t want to disappoint our loyal (canine) customers :).

For our next marketing campaign, we’re going to hire a dog and do a Facebook Live event entitled:  “which album is made with genuine leather”.   Send us your pet headshots to enter!

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