When love is in the air, many photographers will market for boudoir albums with the need for a Valentine’s Day gift.

In case you haven’t walked down the seasonal isle of any local retail establishment, five minutes after you walked out with that last holiday gift,  there come’s the Valentine’s Day. It’s the next reason for giving, reason for getting, reason to go out to dinner, reason for chocolate, reason for champagne etcetera. As far as a midwinter celebration, it’s not that bad and there’s not much else going on until St. Patrick’s Day.

During a time of year when things tend to be a little slower, boudoir albums are a great way to supplement your income. If you’re thinking, “This sounds like a great idea!”. AND you’re reading this somewhere towards the end of January, it might be too late to find clients, book sessions, photograph and produce an album by February 14th. But don’t throw in the towel! Boudoir is in demand throughout the year. If you’ve got a database full of potential brides, current and past brides to offer your services to, you can market year round. Boudoir albums make great grooms gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday surprises and..well…boudoir session are fun too!

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Get your skill in place for a fairly fast paced shoot to album with these clients.

Photography skills in this genre is essential. And there are plenty of workshops and classes available. If you are attending Imaging USA this year, learn from the best and check out Marissa Boucher of the Boudoir Divas on Tuesday January 22. 

Preparation pre-session is just as important preparing for the selection of images post-session. Boudoir customers also expect to be pampered. Having hair and makeup stylist on hand is a must for magazine quality images. You’ll want to plan a strategy for shooting to to make the most impact with these sessions. Keep your collections and options simple for boudoir. No need to overwhelm with tons of cover options. You can  streamline down to 2 package offerings. Use up-sells like extra images, added shoot time and upgraded albums to enhance your bottom line.

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The Beauty $XXX

Hair and Makeup
2 Looks
8×8 Peek-a-boo Album
20 images

The Flirt $XX

Hair and Makeup
1 Look
8×8 Little Black Book
15 Images

Upgrades $X

Additional Looks
Additional Images
Album Size Upgrade
Album Style Upgrade*

The Centerfold Album = Bon a Vie*
The Peek-a-boo =  The Lustre Book (w/ Leather)
The Little Black = the EZ Book  

Boudoir Album | Zookbinders

If you have a client who’d like 10 different looks and 100 images, offer a plan to do 3 session in 18 months. That’s sure to cover all her needs and voila! You’ve create a repeat customer. Oh, and ask for referrals too. She’s going to be showing that album to her besties before gifting.

Happy Boudoir-ing!

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