Here at Zookbinders we not only make beautiful photobook for professional photographers but we also create stunning album designs that will delight your clients! As wedding season approaches your time as a photographer becomes more and more valuable. Why not send your album designs over to us and we will create the layout that suits your style.

We offer 3 different album design styles to fit you and your clients style. Each style can even be customized with additional comments to get the perfect look and feel. Say you don’t want borders around your images, no problem! Don’t like faded images in the background, we can do that!

Checkout these examples below of the same spread designed many different ways:

Simple: By default the Simple Album Design will be either white backgrounds with black borders or black backgrounds with white borders.


weddin album photobookwedding albums professional photobook


However, if you aren’t crazy about the borders or prefer a more full bleed look to your design you can add a comment to have no strokes and full bleed images when you place an order.

wedding photobook

Classic: Our Classic Album Design is similar to the Simple with white or black pages and opposite border colors. The Classic Design adds a pop of color to some of the spreads by adding color bars and color accents that are pulled from the wedding colors.

wedding albums professional photobook

wedding albums professional photobook

Contempo: Contempo Album Designs feature the most creative layouts. They use background images with a lowered opacity and large full bleed images with gradients. By default we don’t add any thick borders, swirls or tilted images.

weddin album photobook

However, if thick borders, swirls or tilted images are your cup-of-tea then you can always ask us to add some in! With the Contempo album design we have flexibility to add in the features that make your design fit your needs. We can even convert color photos to black and white if you prefer.

wedding photobook

wedding album photobook Wedding Album Design pricing starts at just $30!   No matter what your preference is, give us a try on your next design and we can help save you time and money on your album designs this season!


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