Marketing for photographers can be challenging but there are many creative ideas out there to try. Whether you are adding a new product to your line of professional wedding albums, or launching a new website design, your marketing is what gets your name out in front of potential clients. You want your brand to be top of mind when photography services are needed.

The photography industry has been put on hold because of Covid-19. To stay in touch, photographers have been reaching out with statements about what they CAN do for their customers during this time. 

Photographers can help clients start their image selection for their wedding album. Some couples may have time to finalize their wedding album design or even order wedding photo albums for parents. Other customers may be too overwhelmed with family and work responsibilities. Some may be turned off by, “We are here for you, “ emails that seem like a sales pitch.

When “reaching out”  it is important to be genuine. Be sensitive to how the information may be received. It can be a slippery slope between “Checking In,” and having a “Crisis  Sale.” Throwing out discounts or freebies to get attention can look desperate. You may seem predatorial if it looks like you are trying to make a buck on the back of a pandemic. A blast email with 50% off 2020 wedding albums or free senior sessions is not going to help you in the long run.

So, let’s take a fresh look at how you can connect and build your brand. Marketing for photographers doesn’t have to be all about promoting photography. It doesn’t always mean a sale or giveaway. Let’ s talk about positive ways to reach your community and potential customers, and creative marketing ideas for photographers in 2020. 

Marketing Blasts from the Past

If you are not doing any work right now, post images from the past. Tagging your previous clients sparks a bond. Your history establishes that your business has solid roots. Often one couple might have referred two or three others. When friends see each other in wedding party pictures, you will get some activity on social media. 

Speaking of Past Clients

As your wedding couples go through different seasons of life, from babies to teens, it’s important to maintain contact. If you do portraits and events you could have clients for life. Create a VIP Facebook group for your brand and invite past (and current) clients to join.  Share that you’ll keep them in the loop on special offers and events. Let them know that Facebook notifications will be way easier than watching for emails.

That VIP Facebook Group

In addition to touting your photography business in the group, share pet projects as well. Let your fans know about your work with No Kid Hungry, or ASPCA. Maybe you volunteer at your local homeless shelter or Big Brothers Big Sisters. Talking about your passions helps to build relationships. 


Ideas for Photographers to Partner with charity organizations

Partnering with Charitable Projects

Look for an opportunity to partner with an organization. Be proactive in choosing a cause that you can connect with and HELP.  Find out what they really need. Does a food pantry need professional wedding albums, NO. That’s okay, there are other ways to help. This doesn’t mean free stuff from you though. You can fundraise, collect food or clothing alongside your regular business activity and not in lieu of it. 

  • Keep your regular pricing for sessions and events. On your invoice, you can ask if customers would like to add a $10 or $20 donation to ____.
  •  Ask your customers to bring a donated item to a session or event, like food, and thank them on social media.
  • Find a local news organization that might be looking for a positive story and share your philanthropic efforts, but make your client the hero. Thank all the families for donating. Be humble it is not about you.

Marketing for photographers can be about what you do outside your business along with what you do in it. Your action and empathy show that you have your head on straight, that you are looking to the future, and strengthening those around you.