The leaves aren’t the only things changing this season at Zookbinders! Major updates are coming to Zookie Pro that will simplify the ordering experience for photographers and their clients alike. Here’s what’s new:

Splash Covers will be available on orders designed by Zookbinders!

One Cover for Each Design: The most dramatic change is that you’ll be asked to choose a single cover type up front for all design orders. This move will greatly alleviate confusion surrounding our current practice of designing multiple covers.


Simplified Shopping Cart; Photographers have told us that they love the idea of offering upgrades through our shopping cart, but that setting it up was complicated and their clients were often confused. So we’re doing an overhaul. The most popular and best-selling shopping cart offers are the size upgrades for the “main album” and the Parent Album “Smalls” made with replica wraparound covers. The new, simplified shopping cart will only show these two options. This will also eliminate the need for photographers to set up and manage complex price lists. Instead our system will simply remember the combination of parent albums and size upgrades from your last order, and allow you to keep it the same or change it on a per-order basis.

For Print & Bind customers who do their own album design, we’ll provide a shortcut to the “virtual album” flip book that many photographers use as a preview for their clients. You’ll no longer be required to build a pricelist or create a shopping cart to obtain the flip book link. Flip book links will only function to preview your design. Shopping cart functionality will no longer be available for Print & Bind orders.

Here’s a complete list of changes you can expect:

1. Splash covers will be available for all Design customers.  

2. You will choose a single cover type for all “main” albums in a Design order.

3. Simplified steps for sending album designs out to clients.

4. Shopping carts that are easier for you to set up and for your clients to understand.

5. New ability to describe your revisions policy to your clients in your own words.

6. New alert to prevent users from leaving design revisions pages without submitting their revision requests.

7. New shortcut to “virtual album” flip book link for Print & Bind customers.

8. Shopping cart no longer available for Print & Bind customers.

Some subtle changes have already been implemented. Others will be taking place on October 6. We will continue to support orders already in our system with all original cover options and shopping cart features. New orders placed after October 7th will be subject to the new workflow and options.