Our 2017 Catalog is available and there are quite a few exciting changes and new products.  As we start our 22nd year in business, we remain fiercely committed to finding ways to help pro photographers grow and manage their business. Below is a summary of the highlights.

New Products:

  • Presentation Boxes:  The presentation boxes come in 3 colors that add a nice touch to the finished handcrafted as well as an elegant way to showcase your Sample Albums. It will be offered in 2 sizes at 10×10 and 12×12 for $75 and $85
  • Upgraded Album Boxes:  We’ve also updated the construction of our album boxes, from a plain black colored paper to a more “haute greige” color wrapped with an ivory satin ribbon).
  • New Pouches for Zook Books and Matted Albums:  We’re replacing the 4 sided wraps with a more contemporary pouch that is made of the same elegant jacquard material.

Coming in 2017:

  • Upgrade to Rectangular albums (launch date in Q2):
    1. New sizes
    2. New design service
    3. Ordered through Zookie pro
  • More Post Event Help:  Our Selection Service has become a staple in many photographer’s workflows by helping manage communication with clients after the event.  We’re being asked to further simplify the album design process and are working on an app to help with reminders and many other great features – stay tuned.    If you’d like to be part of our focus group, contact our sales team – sales@zookbinders.com or 800-810-5745 option-3.

2017 Price Adjustments: 

      • After holding our prices the same (or steady) on Zook Books and Lustre Books for many years, we will increase its base price by ~2%
      • Due to declining volume in our Matted Albums, price will increase by ~4%
      • Bon a’ Vie pricing will increase by ~1.5%
      • PhotoBooks (our press-printed products) will increase ~5%, and are now more closely priced with Lustre Books, which are the same construction but printed with Kodak silver halide paper.  We encourage clients still ordering Press Printed albums to transition to Lustre Books as the image quality is superior.
      • Album Design increases just $2 per design.
      • Selection Service was launched in 2012 for FREE during the introductory phase.    We obviously extended this offer for 4 years!  The service will now cost just $3.00 per order.   For photographers that want to use the service and NOT send us an order, we’ll continue to charge $25
      • Sample Albums remain at 50% off
      • The valuable advice you can get from any of our Sales Consultants about how to make more money…remains free of charge 🙂

More Improvements: 

      • Manufacturing:  We’re almost finished with a complete upgrade to our manufacturing process.  We’ve improved our tracking devices to change with more innovative technologies to ensure orders are shipped on time (and ahead of time), while giving you more visibility to the status of your orders.
      • Ordering System:  We continue to add new features to help improve  our album design service.  This includes better management of revisions, and communications to improve quality and turnaround time.
      • Customer Support:  We’ve increased the size and quality of our support team to make sure there’s always someone available to help.   We’ve also expanded our free consulting team (aka our Sales Support) to help emerging and establish photographers brainstorm on pricing ideas, or as simple as having someone answer any questions you may have on how to further grow your business..

Login to your account to access the newest version of our catalog and find out how Zookbinders can accelerate your business in 2017. And always… thanks for being a great client!