The Secret Benefits of Zookbinders Album Design

Blog Image - The Secret Benefit of Zookbinders Album Design Any company that’s offering an album design service must, first and foremost, be able to tell a good story… for an event that they didn’t attend! While this is

Album Showcase: Photobook for Hannah Goering Photography

Hannah Goering Photobook 3 We just love showcasing beautiful albums! Nothing beats putting a smile on a photographer’s face and to her clients. For now, we will show you a video of a Photobook featuring the work of Hannah

Part-Time vs. Full-Time Photographers

Almost every photographer initially started as “part-timer”. Today, there are more part-timers than ever. Before digital photography changed our industry, there were more “full-time” photographers. The reason: economics. Photographers could make more money. They could also make enough to cover health and other benefits. Today, you can still make money

Need Help Growing Your Business?

Accelerate Your Business Most photographers become business owners because they love photography. The hard part becomes doing it for a living and making it profitable. Running a profitable professional photography business requires expertise in 4 areas: 1. Being a good/ great

Making Albums a “Best Friend” in the Sales Room

By Guest Blogger Lindsay Betz Jonathan Betz Photography Website: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Blog Image - Jonathan Betz Photography 1

We LOVE high school seniors! We love their creativity, energy, willingness to do