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The Photographer’s Christmas

Twas the photographer’s Christmas and all on my mind was the fact that my samples are so twenty-o-nine. “The season’s best images I’ll gather with care, so I can display them at the next bridal fair.”

And mom in her ‘kerchief , and I

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You CAN Be in Two Places At Once!

Every superhero needs their trusty sidekick – and that doesn’t stop with comics! As wedding photographers we also need a trusty sidekick – and not just to run and get batteries when you forgot them on the kitchen counter (although that helps!).

At first, it may look

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Free Album Replacement in a Natural Disaster

When a natural disaster strikes and a home has to be abandoned, the first 3 things a family takes are:

1) their children and family members

2) their pets

3) their photo albums

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Isn’t it interesting how much value people place

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Working with the Pinterest Bride

As wedding photographers, we face many obstacles:  the uncle who stands in the aisle with his Canon Powershot in the middle of the first kiss, and our mutual friend and foe of creativity: Pinterest.

During a consultation, I’m always prepared for the bride to pull out

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You can’t cozy up to a disk of images

Many brides tend to undervalue the importance of a wedding album. They think to themselves “I have the files on a disk, so I’m good.” or “I’ll only look at it once so it’s not worth the money.” However, they couldn’t be more wrong.