Be Unique.

The success of your business still boils down to the economic marketplace, supply and demand is linked to whether you will profit or not. The supply of great, professional photographers who are also great salesmen is small the demand  higher, so seize this advantage and stand out from the crowd.

Customers are looking for something new and different, something that will definitely catch their attention. Don’t be afraid to be different – being  can actually help you land a gig! You can even  higher fees if you are fortunate enough to execute a very unique brand of photography.


Be Professional.

Being professional simply means showing that you care about your work a higher level than most. This means making sure your presentation of your business, packages, and portfolio has everything the client is looking for the minute you walk in the door.

To be a professional also means to have confidence that you can deliver a top notch service/product. This includes being carefully aware of your demeanor. Dress appropriately and show good manners with etiquette. When the client asks questions about your photography and business, answer honestly and concisely.



A great collection of photography presented in a poor manner just won’t cut it. It will leave your clients with skepticism, thinking that the services you offer will fall short to their expectations. present your portfolio in a custom album like the Zook Book or Lustre Book with thick pages.  The modern designs will leave your viewers in awe and the presentation of the lay-flat albums with many leather and paper choices will make you stand out.

Your images should always be presented with the highest quality in mind. Think carefully on how to enhance and sell your shots by selecting the background or colors that will best complement your images.

Be visual. Use your best image on business cards that you give out to client

Use these tips to help you prove to your clients over and over again that you demand the highest quality from your services and products you offer, and there will be no comparison to the competition that don’t do the same.