This blog is second in our new series: What your business can learn from 2018 wedding trends

Advertise Early: Don’t wait ‘til they put a ring on it!

7 out of the top 10 most popular days to get engaged take place in December – and 19% of all engaged couples say “I will” in that month alone. This may not be completely surprising – most wedding photographers know that December is a big month – but what does that mean for you? 

With 2 out of 3 millennials taking at least 1 wedding planning action prior to getting engaged, we need to ramp up the social media in October and November! Keep in mind that 20% of couples pick out the ring together and 1 in 2 purchase the ring up to 2 months before proposing! This means the potential brides are looking for vendors up to 2 months before she has a ring on her finger – and where is she looking? Online! 

This is the crucial time that 30% of millennial brides are going to Pinterest to start their “Inspiration Boards” and 25% are researching venues – if your images aren’t all over Pinterest (with your company’s watermark/logo) and you aren’t partnered with local venues, then your business is missing out in this major planning stage. 

Come December go full-blown marketing (social media, prepare for expos, etc.) to capture the other 80% of couples where the engagement was more of a surprise, and to prepare for the booking season (January and February). Advertising on social media is key during this phase! 

64% of couples share their engagement on social media within a few hours – why not congratulate them? Take the time to search for hashtags that would make this possible. For instance, search #chicagoengagement and reply (under your business Instagram) “congrats!” – it’s something simple that gets your name out there, and you never know what could happen next! Even if it’s an engagement session – you never know if the couple is using the same wedding photographer, or if her friend who is looking at the comments is also looking for a wedding photographer. 

Come back next Friday for “Part 3: Going Beyond in Marketing” where we analyze the wedding wire report for how current trends can help with your marketing. 

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