One of the best ways for photographers to reach out to potential clients and accelerate your business is through email marketing. Email is an incredibly efficient way to market your services and products to your audience. Unlike the visitors who wander onto your site from search engine traffic, your email list is filled with subscribers who intentionally opted in to hear from you on a regular basis. They want to know about your promotions and events. They want a lasting relationship with a photographer and that photographer could be you.

Each contact on your email list represents an opportunity to expand your business, sell your services, and harness the power of “word of mouth” marketing.

Below are our favorite email marketing tips:

  • Subject line: This is the first thing a person will see. Make sure it’s short, interesting, and easy to read. Sometimes it’s best to email 1/10th of your customers one subject line and 1/10th of a different subject altogether to see which one resonates better. Then the remaining 80% will get the email with the best subject line. This is called A/B testing.
  • Content is King: When you create the content of your email, think of your clients and what they would want to hear about. The email content should be about how you can help them, not just all about how great your company is.
  • Follow-up: If a person is looking for a photographer and reaches out to you, respond fast. They will send emails, call, etc. to other photographers until they get the answers they are looking for. It might as well be you that they hear from.


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