When a natural disaster strikes and a home has to be abandoned, the first 3 things a family takes are:

1) their children and family members

2) their pets

3) their photo albums

Album Replacement | Zookbinders

Isn’t it interesting how much value people place on their photo albums?  We’re talking photos of their kids, photos of themselves when they were kids, photos of their parents and ancestors, and of course their own wedding album.

Album Replacement | Zookbinders

Zookbinders offers Free Album Replacement in a Natural Disaster for all the victims for many years free of charge since Hurricane Katrina last 2005.

Beginning with Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, we’ve been replacing wedding albums for disaster victims for many years. We know the hardship that families have to live through and how happy it makes them to know that if their photographer ordered their wedding album from Zookbinders, that we will replace it free of charge.

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