If you are struggling to generate album sales because your customers only want the digital files, we have a great suggestion to help you entice these clients to buy albums.

Consider adding a $100 or $200 album credit for all of your “service only” jobs. This may be just the incentive they need to buy an album, as they’ll see that this credit gives them a head start towards purchasing an album.

For example, let’s say photographer A offers a shoot & burn package for $1,500 for eight hours of wedding coverage in addition to a package for $2,200 which includes an 80-image 10×10 album. Couples reluctant to commit to the higher price package up front, may be much more likely to use the album credit and buy an album once they’ve seen their pictures and their lives have settled down a bit after the wedding.

If you’re concerned about the lower margins inherent with album credits, consider raising the “service only” price to help bridge the gap.

Another option is to have a more affordable album such as an 8×8 album with 50 images.  If you price this at $500, and you offer a $100 album credit, the net price to your client is only $400. And  there’s still a good margin to be made here.

Any way you slice it, an album credit is great way to generate second-chance sales and get the most from each and every wedding or event you shoot. And a customer with a beautiful album in their hands is not only a happy customer, but they’ve also become your sales rep!

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