Photographers now have another exciting cover upgrade to entice their clients! Effective September 1, 2015 acrylic covers will be available on nine different square albums from Zookbinders (8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 Zook Books, Lustre Books and PhotoBook Plus).

Acrylic cover images are printed in-house on Kodak silver halide paper and adhered to the acrylic for a one-piece cover. They are then sealed from the back before attaching to the albums. Zook Book covers will have rounded corners to match the pages while Lustre Book and PhotoBook plus will have square corners. Acrylic covers are precision milled where the leather is attached for a smooth finish without any noticeable “speed bump”. Acrylic covers have a high-gloss finish and are impact and chip resistant.

Prepare you cover image files just as you would for a Reflectionz cover on Zook Book, or leather spine cover on Lustre Book or PhotoBook Plus.

Pricing for acrylic is $60 for Zook Book (same as Reflectionz) regardless of album size. For Lustre Book or PhotoBook Plus, it’s a $50 upgrade from the price of the leather spine (which costs $35). Acrylic is offered with all grades of leather, silk fabric, and “unreal” black leather (for Lustre Book and PhotoBook Plus). See our FAQ for more detailed information on acrylic covers.